Reminder: Nationwide Test of Emergency Alert System

9 November, 2011

Silent Siren
Today, Wednesday, 9 November, at 2pm ET/11am PT the FCC and FEMA will be conducting a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System. This requires no direct action on our parts, but it’s probably worth spreading the word to avoid panic/concern. The test will be familiar to most folks, but the difference is that it will be active on all channels/stations. It’s expected to last about 30 seconds.

While we don’t need to do anything for this test, it *is* a good chance to “self test”. You know when the test was going out – did you actually hear anything? If this had been a real alert, would you have received the message? It’s also a good time to consider what you would have done if this had been real – did you call or contact anyone? Is there anyone relying on you to get them this kind of information? Did you seek additional information, if so where/how? Will those systems work reliably in an emergency, or are they likely to be swamped by other users doing the same things? Did you have a contingency plan?

This isn’t to worry any of you. This is just a test after and we’re busy people. The whole point to “lazy survival” is that it should never dominate your daily thinking. The biggest impact for most folks will be people who DVR day-time TV. But if you can spend, even just a minute, to improve yourself why wouldn’t you?

Additional Resources:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  (Nationwide Test document)

Department of Homeland Security/Federal Emergency Management Agency (DHS/FEMA) (Nationwide Test Information)

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