10 Quick Tips

22 June, 2011


  • Don’t Buy New: When you need a large or costly item, such as a good pack or walking shoes, don’t buy it new. Buying a new pair of shoes for example, only to stick them in a bag in a closet is a waste. Instead, buy the new item and take the old item and put it in the bag.
  • Slow and Steady Stocks the Pantry: Some supplies are things you’ll eventually want in bulk. Instead of buying 50 cans of food at once, just buy one or two extra every time you go shopping. Set those extras aside for emergency purposes.
  • Shop On Sale: Almost everything you need will come up on sale eventually. Unless you’re expecting trouble tonight, feel free to wait for a good deal.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Supplies: They’re there for a reason. If you have a real need, use it!
  • Always consider your unique needs: The supply needs for someone in Hawaii will likely be different from someone in Alaska. Add/remove items from your kit when it makes sense.
  • If you drive frequently, consider leaving your emergency kit bag/bug out bag in your trunk. You’ll have it ready even when you’re away from home.
  • If you work or go to school, have a plan for how you’ll get home in a pinch. If you had to walk home, are there any terrain features or obstacles that might be a problem?
  • Play with your toys! When you get a new tool or piece of kit, take some time and play with it. Get to know how it works, or in the case of foodstuffs, what does it taste like. Don’t wait until you’re in trouble to discover you don’t know how that filter works or that these snack bars taste like burnt leather.
  • Get to know your neighbors. Communities naturally come together in times of crisis and there is strength in numbers, but don’t wait. Get to know the people around you. Know what skills they can bring to the party and who might have special needs.
  • Don’t let fear run your life. Yeah, bad things happen, but so do good things. Be prepared for trouble, but don’t let it be an obsession. Have FUN!



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