Things you don’t need: the Escape Pod edition

9 November, 2011

There’s a lot of great equipment options out there for those that wish to be ready for trouble. There’s also a lot of crap that will only waste your budget and time.  One such example of the latter is this item that came up back in September. It’s a small, single-person “Noah’s Ark” pod designed to be used in the event of a tsunami, flood or earthquake.

The pod is quite small, not much larger than the occupant based on the pictures, though the designer insists that it can hold four adults. It’s designed to float, and according to what little information they’ve leaked thus far, provide structure soundness in the event of a quake. It has little windows to see out of and some venting to get air in (presumably, while keeping water out). The company that makes them started selling them about four years ago, but not surprisingly, sales didn’t really kick off until fairly recently.

So why am I knocking this item? This escape pod, and survival items like it, are a perfect example of “non-lazy thinking”. First, it’s very use-specific. It’s designed to address one or two specific scenarios, and most importantly, is useless in all other situations. This pod, for example, would be valueless in a fire or terrorist attack. Second, it’s not small. While the exact storage-size isn’t entirely clear, consider the other things you know that could hold four adults. None of them are especially compact, so plan on this device taking up non-trivial amounts of your garage. And, finally, though by no means least important: the price tag. How much is a floating tennis ball worth? Apparently $4,000 (USD). That’s just too much for something so single-purpose. Think about what else you can do with $4,000 that would help your survival in a disaster. Or, in more Lazy-terms, think how much you can do with, say, $400 in disaster readiness kit, and then how much fun you can have with $3600? To put this in perspective, that’s a “one floating pod” or “308 copies of Devo’s Freedom of Choice Deluxe remastered edition”.  Seems like an obvious choice to me.

Save your money, save your garage space. Get something that will actually help.




(and for completeness: Freedom of Choice Deluxe Remastered Edition (CD)  )




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