Quick Test: Where’s your nearest emergency light source?

10 January, 2013

flashlightQuick: Close your eyes.

Okay, open them again, you need to finish reading this first.

Once you finish reading this, THEN close your eyes. Now, suitably blinded, find your nearest emergency light source. Can you get to a flashlight, lighter, book of matches, etc.?

How’d you do? Did it take long? When you finally found something, did the item work (did the lighter have fluid? the flashlight fresh batteries?). Did you hurt yourself stumbling around in the “dark”? Were you able to find something at all??

Now the important question: If you weren’t able to find a functional light quickly, easily and a safely right now… what are you going to DO about that? Remember, this was under safe, controlled conditions. Imagine if this had been after an earthquake or some other major event. Picking up some inexpensive, long-shelf-life LED flashlights is too cheap and easy these days not to have one available in every major room in your home.

Just a little food-for-thought from your lazy friend.

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2 Responses to Quick Test: Where’s your nearest emergency light source?

  1. 11 January, 2013 at 5:21 am

    Sadly, I think the light source always within arms’s reach is my mobile phone. It does have a built-in LED flash for the camera which turns into a substantial flashlight at the click of a button. With that, I can make it to several other larger, more robust lights around the home.

    • sotladmin
      11 January, 2013 at 9:28 am

      Hey, something is better than nothing. About the only real downside I can think of to using your cellphone as a light is that it burns up a battery that typically has a very limited life span and that could be put to better use. But if you’re just using it to get to a better emergency light I don’t think there’s anything to feel sorry about.

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